4 Creative Ways To Save Money On Your Energy Bill

As the winter approaches and the outside temperatures drop, residents begin lighting their fires and switching on their heating systems. Historically, this cosy period has been seen as one of comfort but, in times of rising energy costs, a warm home can sometimes feel like a luxury. As such, residents are now looking for ways to reduce their heating costs while still having a warm home. Even those who are less affected by the cost of living are increasingly likely to seek the same energy solutions at home, motivated by environmental factors and wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.

With many people on the same page, there is a call for creative ways to reduce energy bills, which is why we’re sharing four of the best.

Solar Energy

One only needs to look at the rising demand for solar panels to realise why they are such a fantastic solution. They offer homes a way to generate sustainable electricity without relying entirely upon a central grid, which means that homes become greener and more affordable to heat.

There are a number of initiatives available too, those which reduce the cost of installation and allow homeowners to pay the cost of the panels back over time. Additionally, solar panels can come in more compact sizes, being installed atop garden sheds and log cabins, powering the basic amenities and tools, such as lighting, of a garden outbuilding.

Underfloor Heating

What was once an extensive and costly renovation project, underfloor heating has quickly become one of the most popular methods of keeping rooms and homes warm. This luxurious feature sits beneath the flooring and runs off mains electricity. Many can be programmed or remotely controlled and heat up rooms with exceptional efficiency.

The system itself does require lifting up flooring first but, once this is done, pads can be easily laid out without any experience, meaning that every homeowner can add affordable and efficient heating to essential rooms.

Biomass Boiler

A biomass boiler is a system that runs on organic matter, such as pellets, to heat a home with greater sustainability. There are many options for fuelling a biomass boiler, from food and garden waste to logs and manure. While these options do produce their own carbon upon being burnt, it is much more efficient of a fuel than alternatives. And, in addition to being an effective source of power, it also helps to make use of by-products too, with many homeowners using their garden waste and matter to help heat their homes.

Upgraded Insulation

While not a method of heating per se, homes that upgrade their insulation rely far less on central heating systems, consume less power, and stay warm for longer periods of time. This means that a property becomes cheaper to run, more comfortable, and increasingly environmentally friendly.

Insulation can take on a number of forms, such as in an attic space or with improved wall insulation, but often the addition of new windows can transform a living space’s temperature, especially in the advent of triple-glazed options.

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