4 Furniture Picks to Maximize Your living Room Storage

The living room is one of the most important places in a house. As the name suggests, you live in this room for the most time in a day. In that case, decorating this space is also important. However, given that a lot of time is spent in the living room, it has the maximum possibility of becoming messy.

To solve this mess problem, adding fancy storage-based furnishings in this room can be a game-changer. Besides giving you ample storage, these furnishings also elevate the overall look of the living room.

So, here are some items that can take a center stage in your living room.

Coffee Table

The first idea is to set up a coffee table in the middle of the living room. Middle in the sense that it should be set up near the sofa or lounge for proper access. A layered coffee table can also act as a storage unit where you can store papers and magazines on the lower layer and use it for coffee on the upper layer. If made from high-end wood, it elevates the look of your living room as a whole.


More often than not, books and magazines find their way to the table. As a result, it looks cheap and messy. Introducing shelves in your living room can flawlessly amp up this space. You can add fancy shelves in your living room to store such items. This keeps the clutter off the table and also provides an elegant storage unit for books. Choose shelves in different shapes and sizes to brighten the look of this area.


For the longest, sideboards have been great companions in the living room. Furniture that serves both the storage issues and trendy look problems like a pro, the sideboard is an extremely efficient piece of furniture. Commonly known as buffets, these are cabinets that can store almost anything in their capacity.

TV Stands

TV stands are one of the most underrated furniture ever. Although it might seem that it can only hold a TV and nothing more, modern TV stands come with stylish storage options. TV stands or an entertainment center is usually full wall-fitting furniture that provides ample space to store books, CDs, records, and even decorative items.

This is where Avant Scène furniture can help you out with its exquisite living room furniture range, elevating both look and feel of your space with ample storage.

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