5 Funky Colours Of Metal Roof

There are numerous advantages to choosing steel over shingles when installing metal roofing, making them more than just a pretty design feature. Metal roofs are incredibly resilient, can last up to 50 years, and can raise the value of your house. You will have fewer color possibilities if you choose a steel roof for your house, but there are still lovely options available regardless of your design preferences.

Can’t seem to pick a hue that fits the mental picture of your home? Simply paint it! Yes, a metal roof can be repainted. Remember that it should be at least six months after installing a metal roof before painting it. They have time to weather as a result. Before repainting, it is crucial to get rid of any dirt, loose paint, or mildew.

Here are five unique colors for metal roofing:


The alternatives for red metal roofing are numerous, just as those for gray and brown. It’s a terrific choice for people who want to resemble Spanish tiles, but it also looks great with a shake or shingle profile. When wanting to make a statement with your roof, it’s also wonderful because it tends to stick out as a “look at me” color.


Although it may seem simple, there are different brown metal roofing material possibilities. You’ll quickly realize that brown isn’t that boring thanks to the variety of flat or textured options that can integrate numerous hues for a truly dimensional design, as well as shiny or matte finishes in materials like steel and aluminum.


Beautiful gray tones are available in a variety of materials, from coated or finished possibilities in shiny, matte, flat, and textured options to natural metals that offer metallic or vintage gun-metal grays. In general, gray works well with a wide range of color schemes and architectural designs.


The roof is a tan tint that resembles leather and is a light brown with orange undertones. This warm, stable color has an earthy undertone. The weathered tan roof creates a light and welcoming atmosphere when combined with the off-white exterior and terracotta brick floors.


A pastel pink, light charcoal, or cream exterior home looks good with a blue roof. This color will blend in with your lush, green lawn or garden because it resembles lakes or ponds. An indigo blue roof, white trim, mellow yellow siding, and a few black accents on the windows are combined in this quaint house.

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