Amazing Home Addition Ideas to Expand Your Square Footage

Many people look for larger houses to accommodate their growing families. But what if you could expand your existing house?

For various reasons, home addition is better than buying a new house. It involves fewer hassles and saves you a lot of money.

Home additions can range from building a whole new home area to just expanding a few square feet. The type of home addition you need depends on your requirements. Speaking of which home addition contractor San Francisco are popular for their stunning ideas. We are going to share some of those home addition ideas with you in this post.

Best home addition ideas of all sizes:

  1. Sunroom addition

The sunroom addition is ideal for those wanting a more luxurious addition. They are often constructed with temporary materials and can be assembled on-site. Materials like glass, aluminum, and other pre-fabricated materials make a popular choice for building sunrooms.

A sunroom addition is a fancy renovation and not a functional one. They are usually cut off from the main house with outside plush doors.

  1. Construct a bedroom on top of the garage

This is one of the best ways to add more floor space to your home. Your garage already has a foundation, so it will be easier to erect a new room on top of it. Plus, it will be cost-effective.

Some homeowners opt for this option, so they can rent out the space for some good side income.

  1. Make your basement entertaining

There’s no denying that homeowners often overlook the basement. But what if you could utilize the space differently? For instance, you could turn it into an entertainment room or something similar.

Turning your basement into a cozy room will cost you something around $2000 to $30000. But make sure that your basement has a backyard entry or an emergency exit.

A home addition is a great way to renovate your house. Depending on your requirement, you can make small to big additions and the price will vary accordingly. To get the best results, hire a reliable home addition contractor.

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