Benefits of using hybrid flooring

The simple answer is that hybrid flooring is 100 percent watertight, very strong, fashionable, and reasonably priced. It isn’t, however, produced mostly from genuine wood from trees. So how effective is it?

This in-depth tutorial will define hybrid flooring, distinguish between WPC and SPC hybrid flooring, and go through both the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid floors.

What is hybrid flooring?

Hybrid flooring has been popular in recent years as a waterproof, strong, attractive, and affordable flooring solution for your house or business. Hybrid floors combine the greatest features of various kinds of floors, such as the waterproof nature of vinyl, the beauty of hardwood, and the durability of laminate, while having a broad selection of shapes and styles. They are made using the most recent flooring production methods.

Hybrid flooring is constructed from a strong, waterproof core board, a beautiful, textured print layer, and a protective top coating. A bottom acoustic layer that is already connected to many hybrid flooring types decreases noise transmission and removes the need to install additional underlayment.

Comparison of WPC and SPC hybrid floors

The two primary varieties of hybrid flooring have two distinct kinds of core boards:

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is created from recycled wood and PVC, while Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) is built of limestone and PVC.

Both SPC and WPC hybrid floors are quite solid and robust, however because to the limestone content, SPC hybrid flooring is somewhat more dense and durable. WPC hybrid flooring, on the other hand, is a little softer and quieter underfoot. All kinds are gorgeous and add charm to any home or business environment.

  • Blend of stone and plastic (SPC)
  • Natural Limestone + PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Reclaimed Wood + Plastic Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Material Durability
  • A Little More Resistant
  • About Equally Durable Density
  • A little bit denser
  • Footing Somewhat Less Dense
  • A Little Less Comfortable + Silence
  • Price + A Little More Comfortable + Quiet
  • A little bit cheaper

Advantages of Hybrid Flooring Despite Being A Little More Expensive


Since they are generally comprised of a combination of plastic with limestone or wood, as was previously said, hybrid floors are inexpensive. Hybrid floors are less expensive because to the use of these materials than substitutes like lumber and engineered flooring, which need more tree harvesting.

Since hybrid floors employ a click lock technique to join together to one another, they are also quite inexpensive to install. They may be laid right over your current floor since they are a floating floor. By doing so, the expense of installation and preparation is decreased, and the need for adhesive that is harmful and offensive is removed. Learn more about hybrid flooring Sydney.


Hybrid floors feature a broad range of fashionable patterns that very effectively mimic the texture and appearance of surfaces like Australian hardwood timbers, oak timbers, tiles, marble, and slate because they employ cutting-edge printing technology. As a result, you have many of options when choosing what to utilise in your house! At FloorVenue, we offer hybrid flooring in more than 100 different colours and designs.


The biggest threat to practically any kind of hardwood, laminate, or bamboo flooring is water. Thankfully, hybrid flooring are completely watertight. Hybrid flooring prevents water from penetrating and causing harm by using a water-proof core board and a sturdy top layer.

Hybrid flooring are thus ideal for homes with high levels of moisture, such as kitchens, dining rooms, and basements. Hybrid flooring is a good choice for dogs since it can withstand unintended spills or mishaps.

Resistance to heat

All hybrid floors employ core boards that are made of limestone and/or plastic-infused materials because they are more stable and do not expand and contract as much as other forms of flooring. Due of the hard climate and frequent temperature variations in Australia, it is well suited for those conditions. Most hybrid floors are well constructed to stay stable in extreme heat and cold because Sydney and NSW often suffer significant temperature variations between day and night.


Furthermore incredibly durable, hybrid flooring can withstand heavy foot traffic, dogs, and kids. All hybrid floors have a top layer comprised of very tough materials, such as a UV-protected aluminium oxide, that makes them resistant to dents and scratches and gives you years of worry-free use. Hybrid flooring is suitable for both home and commercial use because of its extreme durability.


Hybrid flooring has easy maintenance requirements! The planks on hybrid floors may slot together with no openings for dirt or dust to enter thanks to a sophisticated click-lock mechanism. You have a lot of freedom in deciding how to clean your floors, whether it be sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping, given that hybrid flooring are waterproof. Just be cautious to avoid using a steam cleaner!


Since it is made of somewhat softer plastic, limestone, and wood, hybrid flooring is quite cosy underfoot. Its underlayment also gives somewhat as you tread on it, giving a pleasant feeling. When utilised in the kitchen as an alternative to cold, hard tile, this is very helpful.

If you want to add floor heating, hybrid flooring may also be utilised with hydronic underfloor radiant heating, making them cosy to use all year round.

Resistance to fade

Since hybrid floors contain dyes that resist fading and UV rays, they may maintain their colour and quality over time. Due to this, hybrid flooring are wise investments that may maintain their value for many years.

Installing and fixing

Hybrid flooring is a floating floor, thus installation and maintenance are easy since glue or nails aren’t needed to attach it to the subfloor (the floor underneath your new hybrid floor). Alternatively, it may be put directly over the underlayment and “float” over the subfloor.

The majority of hybrid flooring also has a trademarked click-lock mechanism, making it simple to put together and take apart. Hybrid floorboards may be easily replaced separately if they are damaged since they are not affixed to the ground. Other forms of flooring can’t provide you the freedom that hybrid floors can!

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