Choosing and Buying Wood Flooring in the United Kingdom

Wood is a unique natural material, and no one can repeat anything except for Nature. But humanity does not stand still and is trying to improve the already excellent material for finishing the floor. What options have residents of the UK got? Let’s find out available variants and their features.

Types of Wooden Flooring

Wooden floor coverings at the moment consist not only of wood. Previously, people used this high-strength, sturdy material only in its pure form, but today it is pressed, sawn, and glued together with waste products from producing wooden parts. Artificial additives are added to wood to obtain an even more durable, wear-resistant, convenient, and sometimes “cheaper” material than the wood itself.


It is the most popular type of flooring. The parquet board consists of three layers: the upper (functional) layer is natural wood, and the middle and lower layers are softwood. Special glue combines these three layers to make the board more environmentally resistant.

Engineered Board

The engineered board is similar to parquet and is a three or two-layer construction, where the top (functional) layer is solid wood, which has a thickness more significant than that of a parquet board, and the bottom layer is plywood. It is a practical solution combining functionality and high environmental resistance.

Solid Wood Board

Solid board is the most environmentally friendly type of flooring. This plank is cut from a single piece of solid wood without glued layers:

  • However, this type of flooring has the following disadvantages:

  • The most challenging laying, which, accordingly, will cost more than laying parquet and engineered boards.

  • Large thickness, which takes up to about six centimeters from the room’s height.

  • Such flooring is unstable. It is necessary to maintain the microclimate inside the apartment.

How to Choose a Flooring Type

When choosing a cover, consider the following factors:

  • Wood-polymer composite is a mixture of wood and plastic. It differs in high cost, durability, and wear resistance and is used for terraces and verandas.

  • Cork is ideal for a bedroom, a small living room, and a children’s room.

  • A Parquet of any kind and solid board applies to all living rooms. You can use waterproof types in the kitchen and bathroom.

  • Choosing wood flooring for different rooms is worth weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the material, taking into account its purpose at the place of installation.

In addition, price is an essential factor. Solid wood floors are the most expensive option, so budget for this type. The parquet board will be an excellent alternative, while its cost is lower.


The wooden floor is an appropriate classic in any interior style, in a city apartment and a country house. Wood has unique properties of thermal insulation and sound absorption, has a pleasantly warm surface, and has an excellent appearance. The performance of different types of wood may vary, as well as color. If some breeds can easily withstand jumps and fall, then others can be damaged by simple shoes with heels. However, you can use various types in different rooms.

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