Dealing with rodent infestation: Things to know

No one wants to have rodents as roommates. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find rats and mice in Detroit homes. As the winter sets in, these pests look for warmer places to survive, and the chances are high that your home is infested. Homeowners often ignore the telltale signs of infestation and believe that the problem will just vanish one fine day, which is a myth. You need to a professional company like Rove Pest Control at the earliest to discuss the possible ways to tackle the concern. Here’s what you need to know about rodent infestation.

Should you worry about rodents?

Rodents are known to carry pathogens of other diseases, including the hantavirus. While some diseases are likely to spread through urine and droppings of rats and mice, some are spread through food contaminated by these pests. You and your family could get exposed to pathogens, even when you don’t see rodents in plain sight. Not to forget, rats can cause unprecedented damage to your home, and you may find evident signs of destruction inside the house. Rats can easily chew wiring and drywalls, and that could mean another hazard. Also, rodents are known to breed excessively, and if you don’t take appropriate measures, the situation may get worse in no time.

Signs of rodent infestation

  1. Droppings: This is one of the first signs of rodent infestation. If you have found droppings around the kitchen or close to plumbing areas, don’t hesitate to call a professional company.
  2. Gnaw marks: Rodents can cause property damage, as we mentioned, and you can find gnaw marks on plastic products, walls, and other areas of the house.
  3. Nests: Rats and mice like to find secluded nesting spots, and you may find nests in the most unusual areas of the house, often made of packing materials, paper, and fabrics. Don’t disturb a nest on your own, as you could cause other health concerns.
  4. Strange noises: Most pests are active at night, and therefore, you may hear unusual sounds and noises, which is a sign of infestation.
  5. An actual rodent: If you have spotted a rat roaming around the house, you should raise the alarm and call exterminators right away, as the problem is probably worse than you think.

Most pest control companies will be happy to inspect your home and offer an estimate. Don’t let rodents invade the peace of your home and cause unwanted health concerns – Get help today!

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