How to Minimize the Cost of Water Damage Restoration

If you live in Iowa, you may have experienced the devastation caused by flooding or water damage. Luckily, avoiding the most common causes of water damage. Here are some helpful tips for preventing and restoring large-scale floods and water damage. Cat 3 water is hazardous. While not a big problem, it can lead to extensive property damage.

Cat 3 water is dangerous

Category 3 water is the most dangerous for Water Damage Restoartion in Easter Iowa, because it contains fungi, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants. Water that has reached this category can seep into your home through sewer backups, overflows, and groundwater. Professional restoration is needed to clean up the mess and prevent future damage to your property. In addition, cat three water is a health risk because it can harbor infectious pathogens that could be contaminated by sewage.

Cat 3 water is hazardous for Water Damage Restoartion in Easter Iowa, because it can cause severe property and bodily injury. This water is often present during a storm but has no physical evidence. However, this type of water will contaminate indoor environments and can lead to serious health problems, such as respiratory issues, eye irritation, and dizziness. People can also be allergic to mold, so if you notice a high level of mold growth in your home, you should contact a water damage restoration professional immediately.

Large-scale water damage can cause severe damage

In some areas, flooding can be severe. Minor water damage can be remedied quickly. However, large-scale water damage can be much more detrimental, requiring extensive repair and restoration work. Therefore, you can expect to pay more for the services of a water damage restoration company than for a small flood.


If you need water damage restoration services in Eastern Iowa, you’re probably aware of the dangers and potential complications. Water damage can cause various problems, including losing valuable property, but it can also affect your health. For example, mold can increase in a home impacted by water damage, affecting your health. To minimize the potential damage, you should contact a professional water damage restoration company as soon as possible.


Generally, Water Damage Restoartion in Easter Iowa costs about $2,200, which varies by area and type of water damage. Most companies charge by the square foot, while labor costs are charged per hour. Prices will also depend on the water that caused the damage and how much structural damage was caused. Homeowners’ insurance covers specific weather-related disasters, such as storms and hail. However, flood damage is not generally covered by most policies. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the cost of a water damage restoration in Easter, Iowa, without compromising quality.

Flood damage in Iowa has been a growing concern for decades, but the state is addressing the problem locally. Since 1988, taxpayers have spent over $135 million on flood-damaged properties and crops. In addition, underground drainage tiles, which make the soil suitable for growing crops, have been used by farmers for decades. However, Des Moines and other Iowa areas realize that the flood protection system isn’t enough.

Companies that specialize in water damage restoration

If you’ve experienced a flood, a burst water pipe, or any other water damage, you need the help of a professional company that can provide thorough and effective restoration. Call Restoration 1 today to schedule an assessment of your home or business’ water damage situation.

Restoration 1 is an established water damage restoration company with many years of experience in the Davenport metro area. They respond quickly and use commercial-grade equipment to remove excess moisture and water and restore damaged areas to pre-disaster conditions. Certified Cleaning & Restoration’s services include construction, air duct cleaning, mold remediation, and water damage restoration. The company has a full-time staff of restoration technicians that provide fast, professional service and a thorough assessment of the damage.

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