Important Aspects That Make a Great Canvas Print

Are you looking for the best customised photo canvas prints in UK? When you surf the internet for the best canvas printing company to get best quality photo canvas prints, you will get hundreds of companies listed. Invariably all the companies will claim to be the best and how do you know that they really make the best photo canvas prints and how do you know that what you receive is the best canvas print? Here are some important aspects that make a great photo canvas prints.

The first aspect or the most important component of the canvas prints is obviously the canvas. The quality of the canvas plays a great role in determining the quality of the finished product. The best canvas printing companies use 280 gsm cotton canvas and top grade materials.

The second important aspect of a good canvas is the quality of the colours used. Only high quality canvas ink will last for a long time. It should last for a minimum of 70 to 75 years. The ink used should not fade and signs of discoloration should not be seen with the age of the canvas print. If quality ink is used it will last for years looking new. If both ink and canvas are of poor quality, then the entire canvas print will be of poor quality.

The third aspect that makes a good canvas print is not directly related to the canvas or to the ink but the quality of the mounting. When you get a canvas print, it should come ready for mounting. If the canvas print is not ready for mounting then you may have to look for a service provider who will mount the canvas print for you. Therefore, you must find a canvas printing company that will send you ready to hang photo canvas prints.

The next aspect some of us require would be custom size photo canvas prints. Normally most canvas print companies will have standard size photo canvas prints and mountings. At times, our need may dictate that we get custom sized canvas to decorate our walls. Standard sized photo canvas prints may not be always serve our purpose. So you should find a company that will provide you with photo canvas prints that meet our specific requirements.

If you take the above factors into consideration, you are very likely to get good photo canvas prints for your interior design projects. You must also take into consideration the cost factor. If you need to pay silly prices for your photo canvas prints, then you may as well go for canvas painting rather than going for photo canvas prints. Photo canvas prints give you a great cost advantage and that is one of the reasons many people go for custom photo canvas prints.


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