Office Space: 7 Benefits Of Working In Coworking Spaces

Working from home can be a great cost-saving option if you are a solo entrepreneur. But domestic distractions and loneliness can become a big problem for many professionals. And it’s also not practical if you want to grow your business. Traditional office space is often costly for small businesses and sometimes requires a year-long lease. That’s why the coworking space, or shared office, can offer an alternative way that is cheaper, flexible, and full of advantages.

Here are some of the perks and benefits you can have when working in a shared office:

1 – You Have An Office, Only Cheaper

Coworking spaces such as 620 North LaSalle Office Spaces for example charge a substantially lower monthly fee than if you had to pay for the entire structure (rent, light, furniture, internet, etc.). In some cases, the value can be four times lower, which results in an ideal economy for those who do not yet have the capital to invest in the company. Of course, as your business grows, there will come a time when it makes more sense to have your own commercial space, which can come in the form of a physical office. And with the economics of coworking, you can get to those results faster.

2 – Good Space For Work In A Prestigious Business Address

Coworking is the perfect place to work if you don’t have a good workspace at home, properly structured and separated from other environments (you don’t use your laptop at the kitchen table, do you?). You will have all the necessary structure of an office, with internet access, printer, etc.

In addition, your place of work happens to be at a prestigious business address, which increases the credibility of your work. You can use your business address in your communication material, avoiding using your home address. Contact with other professionals and regional companies can also provide great deals.

3 – Quick Installation

You arrive, choose your coworking plan, settle in and start working. You don’t have to plan a whole move or anything like that. All you need is to bring your notebook or tablet. And if there is any problem with furniture, internet connection, etc., the coworking administration will take care of that; you don’t have to do anything.

4 – You Become More Productive

The distractions of a home office are numerous: dog barking, your mother asking what time you have lunch, people asking you for something, etc. Unless you have a dedicated workspace at home, avoiding these interruptions is almost impossible. In a coworking space such as small offices for rent in Chicago for example, you will be with other professionals with the same objective: to work and complete what needs to be done for the day. This improves not only your productivity but also your motivation. You’ll feel like you’re working,’ not trying to juggle domestic and professional tasks.

5 – You Have More Flexibility

In a conventional office, the lease is stipulated for a year or more, leaving you ‘stuck’ to the location. In coworking, annual plans are more advantageous because they offer a lower value, but it is also possible to choose a monthly payment plan so you can ‘feel’ the environment and see if it is ideal for your business. And if your business grows and you need more space, making that transition is much easier.

6 – You Start To Have A More Professional Image

Coworking spaces also provide individual telephone sets and a reception service, which conveys more credibility and professionalism to your business. You can use your business phone number on your business card or website, which can sometimes make all the difference in winning over a new customer.

7 – You Have The Opportunity To Network

Working in a shared office will put you in the same room with different professionals and business objectives. The chances of getting more clients or finding a business partner are huge.

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