Pros And Cons of Different Types of Countertops

Kitchen has been titled as the most important room in a house. This fact suffices to justify why kitchens should be kept in a top-notch condition. Kitchen countertops are the backbone of the kitchen structure.  A sleek, smooth and glossy countertop can bring up the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen by leaps and bounds. 

Contrary to the past, countertops today are no more restricted to soapstone but come in a diverse range of materials. Kitchen Wholesalers countertops are durable and come in various grades and categories thereby providing you with rich choices.

The countertop can greatly affect the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen; hence here we shall talk about 3 common types of countertops with their pros and cons, which will help you decide which one to go for! 

1] Granite 

Natural stones are widely preferred as countertops; and one of the most popular options chosen by the population is granite. Granite slab, modular granite and granite tile are the three forms of countertops that you will often come across.


  • Heavy and durable
  • Entirely unique since no two granite slabs are same 
  • Premium building material and easy to install 


  • Fairly expensive
  • Requires periodic sealing 
  • Can be difficult to clean 

2] Marble 

The unique appearance and veined patterns make marble one of the most attractive natural stones, which makes it highly demanded as a countertop. Like granite, it too has three forms, out of which, solid slabs are the best. 


  • Offers aesthetic that stands out 
  • The natural veining makes it look beautiful as ever


  • Porous and can easily stain. 
  • Soft stone, thus, prone to scratches 
  • Expensive for large expanses 

3] Quartz

Quartz is rapidly superseding natural stone as an alternative for countertops since it is an engineered stone and has antibacterial agents added to it. It is also one of the latest and greatest synthetic countertop materials.


  • Durable and aesthetic 
  • Available in many different colors and styles


  • Exceedingly heavy and expensive 
  • Need professionals to install. 

Apart from these three; concrete, glass, stainless steel, wood, bamboo, and ceramic are also being used as countertops. Even if you have the most beautiful cabinets; if your kitchen countertop is dull; the entire visual will be negatively impacted and of course with the right kitchen countertop, you can achieve a highly appealing kitchen! 

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