Stairway Area Carpet Cleaning

There are a number of ways to clean carpeting, particularly in the stairway. The steps taken in stairway area carpet cleaning could depend on the machines available and the kind of flooring in the home. If there is a staircase runner on the carpet, cleaning it could be as easy as washing it in the washing machine. Carpets that are installed in the stairway are another matter entirely. For this category of methodical cleaning, the available options include:

• Commercial stairs cleaning machine
• Vacuum cleaner
• Hand Cleaning

Using a carpet cleaner and vacuum is the quickest and most efficient way to get the job completed. However, not every homeowner has an available carpet cleaning machine. Experts are equipped to take care of the project; however, you might not always want to hire a professional.

The great news is that the products needed to properly clean your carpeted stairway are not costly. It might be possible for you to use some of the products you already have at home like your vacuum, by way of its hose attachment.

If you do not currently have access to a carpet cleaner, you have the option of buying or renting a commercial-grade machine or with some amount of additional elbow power, you can use your hands to scrub the staircase. It takes longer to clean without a machine. However, doing it by hand is ideal for spot cleaning or for individuals who do not have access to or own a carpet cleaner.

Using a Machine to Clean Stairway Carpet

Depending on how often the stairs are cleaned or how soiled this high-traffic area is, the carpet may need to be deep cleaned as opposed to just quick maintenance. For one dirty spot, a vacuum might suffice; however, massive messes might require more than that. The best method of thoroughly cleaning the stairway carpeting is to use a carpet cleaner along with a vacuum.

Stair-Cleaning Machine

In a shorter period, machines assist in getting more work done and carpet cleaning is no exception. As it relates to choosing a carpet cleaning machine that can be used for stairs is concerned, safety is optimal. Look for a small device or one that is lightweight. There are some suitable ones with specific stair-cleaning attachment.

Using a Vacuum to Clean the Stairway

Before the carpet cleaner can be used, any debris on the carpet should be picked up. Vacuum cleaners are perfect for capturing any missed dirt. Additionally, this device comes in handy when the material is cleaned by hand, depending on the process chosen.

Regardless of the method chosen, the small size of the vacuum or a lightweight machine with an extension hose will assist. Lugging around a massive vacuum could actually become dangerous. Cordless devices or one with a long power cords are preferable as well. Some individuals favor a wet/dry vacuum to clean the carpet since it helps to dry the stairs. Allowing the carpet to air out or absorbent towels can also soak up the wetness.

If you want the absolute best cleaning job, talk to the professionals today.

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