Tips and Tricks to Save The Maximum Length in a Small Kitchen Setup!

While a small apartment seems perfectly cozy, it has disadvantages too. For example, small kitchen spaces might interfere with your cooking every day and may cause a lot of inconveniences. However, hiring a comptoir cuisine Cuisines Rosemère can help you make the most of your small kitchen space by designing a practical module for your kitchen. 

Although small kitchen spaces do not have a lot of areas to move around, here are a few ways you can design them to create maximum space.

  • Install open shelves instead of cabinets

Open shelves are highly convenient and save a lot of space, making your kitchen look more extensive and pleasant. In addition, you can place your dishes and glasses on open shelves, making it easier for you to access them when in need. Plus, they will not acquire the extra height that cabinets do and make your kitchen look more spacious.

  • Add in reflective material.

While you know your kitchen is not that big, you can always create an illusion to make it look bigger and spacious. Installing small or more significant reflective and shiny surfaces like mirrors, frames, and glass windows can help you add an expansive touch to your kitchen.

  • Commit to a color palette

Choosing colors from a fixed palette will make your kitchen look luxurious and seamless. In addition, sticking to a color palette will ensure that no mismatched paint obstructs the overall look of your kitchen. However, if you want to go colorful with your kitchen, try merging 2-3 different palettes. For example, cover your kitchen background with a neutral tone and add bright and light colors to the kitchen furniture.

  • Select an open design layout

An open design layout is the most recommended arrangement for a small kitchen space. An open kitchen that merges with another room will never look stuffy and make your house cozy and flowy.

  • Add a tiny dining bar to your kitchen.

The issue with a tiny house is that you cannot accommodate a lot of stuff. So loading it with too much furniture is never a good idea as it will make your home look congested and stuffy. Adding a dining table in such setups does not make any sense. The best option is to add a small dining bar adjoining your kitchen where you can sit and have your meals every day without occupying a lot of space for the dining area. 

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