Top 3 Best Colleges In Chicago, Illinois

College education in Chicago can give students a taste of the big city, with downtown campuses where they can watch the Joffrey dancers or the Cloud Gate from their classrooms. The slower pace of a suburban green campus with gardens for study and enjoyment is also an option. Students can work for class credit in experiential learning classes with hands-on activities. For example, they might work as a research assistant for the subsequent Nobel laureate. A Pulitzer Prize winner can offer feedback on their short pieces, while a Tony Award winner can help them improve their singing. There are also available apartments for rent in Chicago, IL, which is best for college students planning to live independently or with friends!

As a well-known student city, Chicago’s reputation comes from its population and surroundings diversity. With their cutting-edge programs and esteemed teachers worldwide, Chicago universities provide the best vision for all students. Here is our guide to the best universities in Chicago: 

1. University of Chicago

Coming in first is the University of Chicago, ranked first among Chicago’s universities. The University of Chicago’s admissions application demonstrates that it has always been a unique institution. Elite without being elitist, the university is deeply entrenched in history while constantly challenging students in its courses, research centers, and campus debates.

The Hyde Park area, a vast expanse of green entwined with urban culture along the southwest side of Lake Michigan, is home to this private research institution. The campus features multiple playing fields and 215 acres of botanical gardens and hosts numerous community and student events throughout the year. It combines old English Medieval cities with cutting-edge modern construction.

The student body at Chicago forges strong traditions and lifetime friendships because of their shared intellectual curiosity and dedication to study. In addition, students can get involved in practical research within their subjects as early as their first year, thanks to the university’s position as a leader in research across a wide range of fields.

2. Northwestern University

One rare university with international recognition across many academic fields is Northwestern University. Northwestern University has three campuses, two in Illinois and one in Qatar, with 12 branches. The university also maintains a campus in downtown Chicago, home to the Feinberg School of Medicine, the School of Continuing Studies, the School of Law, and the Kellogg Business School. The main campus situates in Evanston, a city about north of Chicago.

Despite having a 6:1 student-to-faculty ratio, approved students enjoy acceptance rates of around 7%. In addition, there are Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, MacArthur Genius Grant recipients, Tony, Emmy, and Grammy Award winners among the Northwestern faculty.

The alums include state officials, Supreme Court justices, influential media, and science and engineering figures. For example, the Duchess of Sussex, Belgium’s prime minister, the president and chief operating officer of SpaceX, the director of the Smithsonian, and both Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert are Northwestern graduates.

3. University of Illinois, Chicago

The University of Illinois Chicago is a public research institution located in the heart of Chicago. It has sixteen colleges and schools. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences presents a wide range of courses; more specialized institutions that provide degree programs cover various fields in public service, including urban planning, public health, nursing, education, and pharmacy.

UIC’s Great Cities Commitment Program, which enables students and professors to collaborate with governmental agencies, businesses, and the community to address urban issues, was introduced in 1993. UIC also houses the largest medical school in the US.

One of the many research centers and institutes on campus, including ones for environmental science, cyber infrastructure, and health research and policy, allows UIC students to participate in research. In addition, the campus is home to more than 40 officially recognized Illinois Board of Higher Education Official Centers for study on subjects ranging from literacy to magnetic resonance.

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