Top Modular Switches Brand In India

What is that we all want? Isn’t it a house with a marvellous design that would make us go WOW! Even while renovating our house, our main aim is to give it a fresh new look than before with new lighting, ceiling, flooring, decorative furniture items, etc. But in focusing on the big stuff, don’t forget to pay attention to the details. Switches and switchboards are an essential part of a room, no matter how small. Getting the right type and style is as essential as picking one with high durability and functionality. So here’s a curated list of the best brands of modular switches to help you choose from!


Who hasn’t heard of Havells? Havells was established in 1958, becoming one of India’s largest electrical supplies companies. It’s not just known for manufacturing modular switches but also has a wide range of fans, lighting appliances, personal grooming products etc.


Legrand Founded in 1904, this originally French company has created a footing across the globe. It is one of the leading brands of ACBs, MCBs, capacitors, modular devices, and switches and is well known for its high-quality products.


During our childhood, we all have seen switches from Anchor by Panasonic. Founded in 1963, it is still one of the trusted brands at the forefront. Whether you’re looking for an office or a house, there is a design for every space that will enhance the decor. 

They also have modular switches that are luxurious, premium, eco modular and many more. For example, the Ziva series is a series of modular switches with a reasonable price range, which will dramatically increase the beauty of your home. A series of elegant switches designed to suit your refined taste, the Europa series features aesthetically pleasing designs made with precision.


With over 100 years of experience in manufacturing quality electrical switches, Simon is a globally known Spanish brand and has manufacturing establishments in almost 19 countries. It has its facilities in India, including Haridwar, Uttarakhand, and its head office in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

There is a layer that prevents electric shock from occurring on the switches.

Simon has modular switches with different ranges called Harmony of Expressions that have series that include classic, metallic, fusion and timber; S22 includes lily-white and raven black, and at the end, Antibacterial that is fire retardant and easy to clean.

GM Modular

Another bestselling high-quality manufacturer, GM Modular can be considered synonymous with modern luxury, as is reflected in their products. Their range is stylish and available in several designs. Compared to other switches, their modular switch modules are energy-efficient and simple to operate. 

Philips Modular Switches 

One of the most trusted brands in the Indian market, Phillips has several electrical and electronic goods and is famous for its heater, coolers, bulbs, tube light, LED lights, etc. Modular switches are also one of them. Their models are break-resistant, durable, water-resistant and have dual safety shutters. The company also offers a ten-year warranty on modular switches. 

Don’t let the electricals stop you from designing the house of your dreams. Get shopping with these brands and select the most premium, high quality and durable products for a timeless and worry less stay!



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