Water underfloor heating: the pros and cons

Water underfloor heating is a modern and innovative way to warm your home. It can be used year-round and has many plus points when compared to standard central heating. If you are considering installing underfloor heating but are torn between electric underfloor heating and water underfloor heating, you can find some of the pros and cons below.

What are the positives of water underfloor heating?

Water underfloor heating is installed by running a series of pipes underneath the sub flooring of your home. These pipes are then connected to your boiler using a manifold. Some of the positives when it comes to using water underfloor heating include:

  • Home renovation projects – water underfloor heating can be a good choice when it comes to renovation projects. If you are already looking at replacing flooring, then you have the perfect starting point for your new underfloor heating system to be installed. Water underfloor heating can be used in rooms of various shapes and sizes, it can also be beneficial to rooms with large floor space and high ceilings. Victorian properties can be hard to keep consistently warm, due to draughty floorboards and heat loss from large bay windows. Installing underfloor heating could be a fantastic way to ensure that you don’t feel the cold during winter, or on chilly spring days.
  • Aesthetical appeal – there will always be a level of aesthetic appeal when it comes to installing underfloor heating in any home. The ability to reduce the need for large and cumbersome radiators is a definite plus point for many people.
  • Space saving heat source – using water underfloor heating can be highly beneficial in smaller homes when space is an issue. With no need to plan radiator layouts for central heating, you free up plenty of room for storage and modern design elements.
  • Hassle-free, year-round warmth – once it has been properly installed, water underfloor heating is a great way to lock the heat into your house all year round. This creates a welcoming and cosy atmosphere.
  • Add value – in some cases, installing underfloor heating may even assist in adding value to your home if you decide to sell. Some buyers would certainly see the appeal of having water underfloor heating readily installed.

What are the negatives of water underfloor heating?

As with any type of underfloor heating there are a few things to consider when weighing up the pros and cons. Water underfloor heating can be a little trickier to install and requires you to work with an expert to ensure that everything is fitted correctly. You should always seek out quotes from qualified professionals and research them before moving ahead.

  • Requires more underfloor space – on occasion, you may find that more space is required to install the pipes. Flooring may need to be raised to accommodate this.
  • Repairs and replacements – water underfloor heating is usually highly reliable, and pipes are guaranteed for a certain number of years. However, this type of heating may prove a little more problematic to replace than standard electric underfloor heating.

Is water underfloor heating a good choice for my home?

When remodelling or renovating your home and deciding on your flooring options, you should always consider a few simple factors. Will the flooring work with my lifestyle and is it suitable for myself and any family members? If the answer is yes, then water underfloor heating might be a great choice for you!

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