Why waterproof hybrid floors are perfect for your home?

Hybrid flooring is made of plastic that has been pressed tightly together into several layers with wood or limestone. The layers of hybrid flooring are as follows:

  • Protective UV coating or layer that deters wear and scratches
  • Intricate layer (usually stamped to mimic a real timber floor)
  • main layer (not susceptible to bending, wetness, or temperature fluctuations)
  • previously attached layer (backing – ease of installation and adds underfoot comfort)
  • a rustic yet elegant living room with hardwood floors

Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid flooring

Hybrid flooring has several benefits over other choices. Here are some of the best qualities of hybrid flooring.

  1. Fortitude

Since hybrid flooring can sustain high foot traffic without wearing out, it is ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Hybrid flooring is sometimes said to combine the benefits of both kinds of flooring since it combines the sturdiness of laminate with the visually pleasant characteristics of luxury vinyl planks. Features include temperature and total waterproofness. You need take steps to ensure that your hybrid floors are well-maintained (i.e., cleaning/vacuuming, arrangement of furniture/felt pads for moving across floors, etc.) to prevent this even if it has a respectable amount of scratch resistance.

  1. installation

Hybrid flooring may be installed over underlayment and “floats” over the subfloor without the need for nails or glue since it is pre-adhered. Because individual planks may be removed, mended, or replaced as required, the installation process is quick and easy. Overall, hybrid floors are the easiest to instal and maintain.


Like all floors, hybrid flooring requires regular cleaning to keep them looking their best. In order to effectively clean hybrid floors, regular sweeping and vacuuming is required, as well as a weekly wash/mop with water to get rid of any dirt tracked in from shoes over the week. Since there is no chance of severe water seepage, water cleaning hybrid flooring is more simpler than water cleaning ordinary wood floors.

  1. Availability

Hybrid flooring is not only more affordable than wood or engineered flooring, but it is also more ecologically friendly since it requires less resources, such as slow-growing timbers with high carbon footprints like oak. They are among the least costly flooring options in the long run as well as the short term (owing to labour and material savings) (due to the ease with which individual planks may be repaired).

kitchen with light wood furniture, hybrid flooring, and rustic

Of course, hybrid flooring has its disadvantages. The primary problems of hybrid flooring are as follows:

  1. A lack of authenticity

The less costly brand you choose, the less closely the hybrid floor will resemble real wood. Cheap floorboards, whose aesthetic layer is essentially printed on, will often repeat the same pattern, making them apparent forgeries. Hybrid flooring may have less aesthetic appeal since it lacks the visual variation of real wood floors. However, the more trusted the brand, the more authentic hybrid flooring will seem. Browse through the Titan collection or the Bunnings online product catalogue to read some reviews and get a sense of the leading hybrid flooring Sydney brands.

  1. Difference in colour

Despite being fade-resistant, hybrid flooring has a reputation for deteriorating after prolonged exposure to intense sunshine. This may be stopped by curtains and/or blinds. It is a good idea to keep this in mind when purchasing furniture and home accents since over time, extended exposure to certain rubber objects may cause discoloration.

  1. Subflooring requirements

If the subfloor varies by more than 3mm/2m, hybrid flooring may be difficult to instal and susceptible to creaking. However, this problem is not limited to hybrid flooring since uneven subflooring would cause problems with all major types of hard floor materials (especially timber). As a result, before making a purchase, you should measure the thickness of the planks against your walls to make sure that the change won’t feel too extreme or claustrophobic, depending on the height of the ceilings in your home. Floating floors, such as hybrid flooring, will increase the overall height of your floor.

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